Recent Project: Joey’s Landscaping and Maintenance


This was a small project I did for a local landscaping business. Since the business owner/operator did not have a great deal of textual content, I decided to use a single page layout. It was designed to provide the client’s basic information and provide a way for potential clients to contact him to obtain more information or to set up an appointment for a consultation. Continue reading “Recent Project: Joey’s Landscaping and Maintenance”

Just completed: Author Sheryl Lister Website Redesign!

Just finished! For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a new website for my client, contemporary romance author Sheryl Lister.

She was looking to update her website’s look and overall feel to better reflect her personality and to communicate an air of elegance to visitors. She liked the design I created for my “Save the Date” Wedding theme, so I adapted and re-built it for use on this new website project. Continue reading “Just completed: Author Sheryl Lister Website Redesign!”

“Sweet Things Cup-Cakery”

screenshot2Website created for Sweet Things Cup-Cakery.

I customized an existing WordPress theme (Cafe Pro) built on the Genesis framework, according to the customer’s specifications. I also designed the logo as well as took all the photographs on the site (excluding the client’s own gallery).

“Suzette D. Harrison Books”

This is a website for an author who will be releasing her next novel, and she wanted to have the site in place before the launch of the book.

This site marks the first time I have used and modified a Genesis child theme. It is based on the Remobile Pro theme, and I found it very easy to use and easy to figure out how to modify things to get to what the client wanted. Continue reading ““Suzette D. Harrison Books””

“Literary Ladies Alliance” Book Club

LLA home page photoThis website was made for a client who leads a book club, “The Literary Ladies Alliance.” She wanted a “quick and dirty” site that she could use to display and maintain a calendar, publish updates and announcements about their monthly book selection, meetings, and events, a list of the books they have previously read and those that are on their proposed list. Basically a simple site for book club business and other housekeeping tasks.  Continue reading ““Literary Ladies Alliance” Book Club”

“Deadly Oath” Title Sequence

This was one of my very first Motion Graphics projects at the Art Institute. It is a title sequence for a fictitious cable television series about the supernatural and twins. The title and the cast names were all supplied by our teacher, and our task was to come up with something that represented the theme and tone of the project as given in the project specs. Continue reading ““Deadly Oath” Title Sequence”

“Speak No Evil” Movie Website Mockup

movie-fullI created this mockup for a supernatural thriller movie in my Design Layout class. Based on the classic murder mystery, especially those of the 1940s and 50s, this was my favorite projects created for the class. We were given the design brief of producing a mockup for a website designed to showcase our new movie. We were to try to evoke a particular mood through the use of color, typography, and imagery while making sure to include elements that would provide all the most important information a user might want when visiting a website designed to promote a movie. Continue reading ““Speak No Evil” Movie Website Mockup”